I was born in Huelva and grew up in Madrid, where I currently live.

My work is characterised by being fresh, cheerful, and full of passion and movement.

I started painting self-taught in 2016 in Norwich (England), to continue my training in Madrid Art Academy with the master Salvador Antúnez, and in the
Spanish Association of Watercolourists.

Graphite, acrylic and watercolour, are some of the techniques’ bar from where I mainly drink to compose my work.

As a lover of flamenco and the toro bravo, my passion is reflected in every brushstroke of my works, creating a visual experience that transports the viewer to the emotion and energy of these iconic Spanish traditions. I also love to capture everything that makes me vibrate and inspire, taking it to abstraction, and filling it with passion, colour and harmony.

I am very happy that in 2023 I have been chosen to paint the poster for the traditional Corrida Goyesca at Las Ventas in Madrid, and have been selected with one of my watercolours for the Gran Exposición Nacional de Acuarelistas at the Casa de Vacas del Retiro.